2nd MOVE symposium
08 – 11th October 2024, Belgrade, Serbia

MOVE is an active and relaxed consortium of European National EV Societies (NEVS) who got together to foster MObility for Vesicles research in Europe (MOVE). Our overarching aim is to encourage communication between the societies at all levels of membership, with the purpose of promoting EV research and understanding across Europe. It is intended that MOVE activities will foster collaboration between members in different European nations and across different biological / biomedical disciplines, taking advantage of geographical proximity and expertise.

This time ASEV (Austria), BSEV (Baltic), EVIta (Italy), FSEV (France), GEIVEX (Spain), GSEV (Germany), UKEV (UK) along with SrbEVs (Serbia) are taking the lead.

From the experience of 1st MOVE symposium, we expect numerous participants from many EVs research groups, both from societies participating in MOVE and beyond.

We are preparing the lineup of well renowned international speakers whose presence and expertize will ensure excellence of the meeting, through both lectures and discussion, as well as high attendance.

The Second MOVE symposium will cover most prominent topics across Europe EVs-research area with highlights of novel concepts, methodologies and clinical applications of EVs.

More information on the 2nd MOVE Synmposium website https://srbevs.rs/2nd-move-symposium/